Best Full Spectrum Grow Light with App Control

LED Grow Light Best Full Spectrum Grow Light with App Control
“The biggest and best plants I’ve ever grown, all while using with an LED grow light”

The EmersonGrow EGX7 Plus full spectrum grow light is the best thing to happen to farming for all of humanity to benefit from. Never in the past has any farmer/grower been presented with a guarantee that they can:

• Increase their yield by 20-40%
• Reduce their growing cycle by nearly 25%
Consume 70-85% less electricity
• Be left speechless at the quality, colour, size and density of any strains grown with our devices

Many people in the industry have been conditioned to think that high heat angle lumens produce the best foods and medicine. This is now a thing of the past. Along with the Emerson Effect, our device uses light of all wavelengths, including:

• Infrared
• Laser
• Full Spectrum Grow Light (red, blue, white)

What is the Emerson Effect you ask? …..The Emerson effect is the increase in the rate of photosynthesis after chloroplasts are exposed to light of wavelength 680 nm (deep red spectrum) and more than 680 nm (far red spectrum). When simultaneously exposed to light of both wavelengths, the rate of photosynthesis is far higher than the sum of the red light and far red-light photosynthesis rates. The effect was early evidence that two photosystems, processing different wavelengths, cooperate in photosynthesis.

This is not Science Fiction; this is Science Fact!

Our devices now come equipped with an artificial intelligence system using scientifically proven “recipes of light”. These recipes produce the greatest results when growing cannabis, and any other flower or vegetable. The farmer/grower can choose to use the recipes generated by the ai system, or they can bypass the ai to create their own recipes on our easy to use smartphone app.

Remember, this is not just a full spectrum grow light. This light has a brain.

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