Be The Change you Wish to See

LED Grow Light Be The Change you Wish to See

At @aiGrowLight, we understand what it takes to send ripples of positive change through the fabric on time and space….. Aside from our quantum tech shattering the current foundation of how we farm food and medicine indoors,…..  We also donate 100% of the medicinal plants we grow in our R&D centre.  That’s right if its Cannabis growing, it will be donated to those suffering from cancer and choose to walk the path of plant based healing. The flower is donated to make Cannabis Oil (aka RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Phoenix Tears) which has been shown to have profound healing effects on cancer cells with the application of 90g of oil over a 60 day period (see attachment re cannabis oil).    The organic foods we grow in our R&D centre are also donated out to local food banks/drives. 

You see, we at @aigrowlight believe “if you want to see change in this world, you have to be the change you want to see” Not only have we created a ground breaking disruptive technology that allows all the harness our devices to:

So, we believe if a united human race were to align with each other rather than compete with each other, then we would be able to literally eradicate ALL terminal diseases, food scarcity/shortages, decrease cost of living, increase quality of life in LITERALLY 365 days.  Sharing is caring, and that’s why we share with you not only our state of the art technology, but the mission of the us who operate #aigrowlight & #EmersonGrow.

We call upon you to drop your guard, unite with your neighbours, friends, family, and strangers to align with a united vision of a better Tomorrow starting today.


The ai Grow Light & EmersonGrow Family


PS  Join us in sharing this message and as a bonus get rewarded for any person, business, farm that you know would benefit form our Ai Grow Tech for their home, store front, warehouse, vertical farm, and/or warehouse to harness our tech and quantify their life or business.

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