Who We Are

AI Grow Light uses EmersonGrow technology to modernize agriculture through the use of indoor vertical farming, machine learning, data analysis, and a sharing economy.
LED Grow Light About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow more accurate, high quality, and consistent crops and maximize yield through vertical farming. For home growers, we provide grow light hardware and a platform to educate, improve, and manage grow lights so that the results are consistent with that of a professional and experienced grower.

Through a comprehensive grow light system, our patented technology can measure the application of light, down to the specific wavelengths, as well as other growing factors such as soil moisture, nutrition, temperature and growth rate. Combined with a machine learning model that can automatically identify plants and optimize growing conditions by analyzing user data, we enable people to share and download plant ‘recipes’ through a monetized P2P cloud platform.

Considering the future of vertical farming, we want to increase our understanding of how light carries energy, which transforms into food/nutrition through chemical reactions with plants. Our grow light system will be using AI to create a dialogue between human and plant by applying computer vision and machine learning models to collect data, and also analyze and understand plant growth to maximize yield with digital breeding. By harnessing the data, we will educate and assist growers worldwide to maximize yield, improve quality, and create breakthroughs in horticultural sciences and food production.