Full Spectrum App Controlled LED Grow Light

Create your own Recipes of Light with the world's smartest LED grow light system

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Control The Sun

With LED grow lights, you can grow 24/7 and speed up the growing time of any plant

Smartphone Control

Control and create your own Recipes of Light from your Android or Apple device

Grow Like a Pro

Download professionally created Recipes of Light from our online marketplace

Full Light Spectrum

Control the full light spectrum with the EGX7 Plus

UVB Light

Kill mold on contact with a built in UVB light source

Laser Light

Concentrated laser light helps with growth and crop yield

Featuring the PRISM EGX7 Plus

The most advanced LED grow light system on the market today

Red and Infrared

Full red and infrared lighting to help promote germination and sprouting

Blue Light

Blue light source to help with flowering and overall growth.

UVB Light

UVB light generated by LED technology to kill mold and stimulate growth

Laser Light

Concentrated laser light helps with growth and crop yield

Our Cloud and Mobile Technology

Android App
Apple App

Mobile App Control

Control every aspect of your lighting system from any Apple or Android device

Programmable Recipes of Light

Program your light's color intensity, and color mix with your own Recipes of Light created on our App

WiFi Control

Connect to any lighting system on your WiFi network. Control them individually or as a group

Cloud Marketplace

Create and sell your Recipes of Light in our online Recipe Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Grow Like a Pro

Download a professional recipe from our marketplace and grow like a pro! No growing experience required! (Coming Soon)

Prevent Mold with UVB

With a built in UVB light source, you can kill mold on contact with the push of a button

Are you ready to start growing from home?

The EGX7 Plus is a full light spectrum LED grow light. It consumes a fraction of the power than traditional High Pressure Sodium or Metal-Halide lighting systems. Start growing today with our LED grow light system

What makes us different?

With extreme environmental conditions and increased food insecurity worldwide, AI Grow Light modernizes agriculture through the use of indoor vertical farming, machine learning, data analysis, and a sharing economy. With our comprehensive LED grow light system, this patented technology can measure and control the application of light, down to the specific wavelengths, and affect other growing factors such as soil moisture, nutrition, temperature and growth rate.
Combined with a machine learning model that can automatically identify plants and optimize growing conditions by analyzing user data, we enable people to share and download plant ‘recipes’ through a monetized P2P cloud platform.

Grow like a professional with downloadable Recipes of Light created by professional growers around the world

The EGX7 line of LED grow lights features complete control over the timing and intensity of the light provided to your plants

LED grow light technology produces minimal heat, and our patented design disperses heat so efficiently that a fan is NOT required

Control The LED Grow Light With Our App

The ultimate lighting control tool in the palm of your hand. Our smartphone app allows you to program your own Recipes of Light, and with our 5 Year Warranty, you'll be growing far into the future
  • Custom Light Recipes
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Global Marketplace
  • Easy Setup
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Professional Light Recipe Included

Low Power Consumption

The 170W EGX7 Plus replaces an equivalent 1000W with no fans, and minimal heat generation. Save thousands of dollars per year!


Full Light Spectrum

Full control over the light spectrum, intensity and lamp timings.


Increase Crop Yields

Using the Emerson effect, the EGX7 Plus can increase crop yields by up to 20% through light ray manipulation alone

5 Year Warranty

The EGX7 Plus comes with a 5 year warranty. We will repair or replace the unit at no cost to you!

50,000 Hours Guaranteed

The EGX7 Plus is guaranteed to operate for at least 50,000 hours or your money back!

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    From Amateur to Professional

    Read the testimonials from our customers and see why our LED grow light technology is unmatched in the marketplace.
    Masters of light. Years ahead of anything else on the market. Focus on full spectrum science and efficiency, not just power. Best yield of any lighting system I've used for cannabis cultivation...at a fraction of the hydro costs.

    Scott Bunting

    Local Guide

    Darryl has been amazing in helping me learn to use the EGX-7 and the experience has been superb. His knowledge about plants and growing has been invaluable for my projects. Ted even came to my place because of a very minor android related issue I was having on a weekend. The technology itself is amazing, but the personel really put it in another gear!

    Rex Abergas

    Local Guide

    The main reasons why I decided to try Prism EG X7 is, there is already a build in recipe for cannabis! Also with the app, i get to tweak my own recipe.. piece of art!

    Jay L


    Really amazing product, it provides UBV and Infrared as well which maximize the penetration to help plant grow. I bought the Prism Tent combo, definitely recommend for indoor grow.

    Dylan Xu


    Ready To Start Growing?

    The EGX7 Plus will pay for itself in power savings alone! Stop wasting electricity and increase your crop yields with our revolutionary LED grow light technology

    Download The Mobile Control App

    A native app for every platform. With an all-new look and powerful features, control the entire LED grow lighting system from your Android or iOS smartphone

    Want to learn more?

    The EGX7 Plus is a full light spectrum LED grow light based on the Emerson Effect. In a nutshell, changing the wavelength of light being applied to your plant will drastically affect its growth

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    Best Full Spectrum Grow Light with App Control

    • Increase their yield by 20-40%
    • Reduce their growing cycle by nearly 25%
    • Best Full Spectrum Grow Light
    • Consume 70-85% less electricity

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